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Coyote: We Can Live Together

Did you know that coyotes can run over 40 mph? They run with their tails down. (That might help you identify one some time.) They are monogamous and mate for life. Coyotes normally have between 3-12 pups in each litter. Their range is all of America, a large part of Canada and some of Mexico. They have adapted well in spite of human encroachment on their habitat!

When speaking with another species, I always ask to speak with a representative from the collective (they reside in heaven as an ambassador for their species) as well as a living individual. I do this because, many times, they each have very different messages.


Greetings, Lacey! We are so happy to be included here and long to connect with mankind. Many times, people are afraid of us or even fear us. That is understandable. We are a wild species that have been forced to encroach on your land as we are losing habitat. Even so, we have never meant mankind any harm. We are only trying to survive ourselves.

Yes, we are wily. Yes, we are quick. Yes, we are so many things that drive you crazy but we are also family-centered. We live in packs and are loyal until the end of our days. We are actually not that different from you. You, yourselves, would do what we do to survive.

We help the ecological system as we are predators that help to control the rodent and small mammal population. Our waste helps to spread seeds along the prairies and everywhere we go. This helps plant life as well. We much prefer meat but we will eat plants when forced.

Next time you see us, give us a nod and wave. We see you much more than you see us for we watch you from the scrub. We can live together.

I honored Coyote for having come today with this message.


The living coyote that came to me is a mother. I saw her den. She has young now with their eyes open. They are quite the handful! She comes from the New Mexico area around Taos.

I, too, am happy to be here. Coyote has worked long and hard to find its place in this new and vastly changing world. We love our life! We love to run and be with our families. We love to lope the plains but not all have this advantage.

My pack lives outside the city but we frequently go into the city when food is scarce. Our entire environment is affected by weather and by pesticides. When either are at an extreme, we are forced to encroach upon the city. We don't like to do that but we do what is necessary for us and for our family units.

I have a beautiful life! I have a strong mate. We forage and parent together. It is good to be Coyote! Thank you for coming to us today. We hope both our messages shed light upon who we truly are. We are doing our best in what is fast becoming a crowded situation for many.

I honored Coyote. I praised her beautiful family. How fortunate we are to have such animals on our continent! Did you notice that the live coyote was aware I had spoken to the collective representative? This is the first time I have been aware that they knew when I had just read their collective representative. The live coyote told me she had been chosen to come to me.

I believe next time I see Coyote, I will nod and wave! I will remember that they are doing their best, as I am too.

This is an ongoing series on my blog. I speak with domesticated animals on a very regular basis. Each time I speak with a wild animal, I am humbled, truly humbled, by their dignity and grace. We are so blessed to share this planet with them. Please help me to help them to spread their messages. Please share this post!

Should you be interested, I have spoken with many wild animals and insects. A comprehensive index with links to individual blog posts is here.

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