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ArchAngel Michael: Shadow Side Discussion

There is a whole lot of talk these days about your “shadow” side. Many people think this represents their worst qualities, the places that they err. This is many times represented as the time when ego takes over. While I do know that this happens, I am not really fond of that word “shadow” because I feel it puts you immediately in a place of judgment. You are all too hard on yourselves, most of the time.

It is well and good to be aware of your ego. It is well and good to be aware when you are hurting others with your actions but I would ask you to take a step back and be kinder. Not only to others but to yourself as well.

You see, you chose every large experience you are having. While there is always free will and you can change your mind at any second, almost all of your experiences are pre-chosen for the lessons you will learn while living them. If you are constantly judging yourself, if you are wary and afraid of your shadow side, how are you going to learn?

What if, the next time you made a mistake, you just saw it as a mistake? What if you were as forgiving to yourself as you are to others? What if you quite literally just cut yourself a break?

On this side of the veil, we do not discuss your mistakes. We are not even worried about them. We know that you will have as much time as you need to learn for you can reincarnate over and over again. Does this give you carte blanche to go out and do anything you want? Absolutely not. But it should give you pause to be kinder to yourself and quit worrying about this shadow side. After all, you are only human. Human beings are complex creations with many sides. Just because your ego flares up does not mean that it is always a bad situation or even one that deserves to be called anything like a shadow.

Forgive yourself and embrace this other side of being human. Goodness! You have learned so much already! Look how far you have come. If you have not been working on yourself, you would not even be reading this post. Look back at your journey. You have made grand and sweeping changes. Next time you make a mistake, think of me smiling at you. Yes, I will be smiling at you because you will be practicing kindness on yourself. Love yourself for who you are. See yourself in truth but be kind. Always be kind. I love you, friend.

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