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From ArchAngel Michael: Soul Fragment Retrieval

Human beings are very complex creatures. When you incarnate each time, you bring with you a great deal of cellular embedded information. In other words, you carry a lot of baggage with you.

Each time you are on earth, you also create new "baggage". When something really hard happens to you, many times the only way you have to deal with that is to compartmentalize it in order to move forward. A great deal of these times, your soul becomes broken, for want of a better word. For example, if you were a young child who was abused, you would not have the capacity to understand the complete situation. You would not have the maturity or skills to handle it. It would be very easy for you then to separate from yourself. This is called a soul fragment.

When that happens, this fragment or piece of you, detaches from your psyche. I mean this quite literally. It's your body's way of handling something very horrible or awful. This can happen in grief, in any kind of situation that turns into a burden that is too large for you to handle. There are people in this world who specialize in helping you to retrieve those fragments and that is good. The even better news is that you can actually learn how to retrieve these fragments yourself as well. Lacey even teaches her students in her advanced class how to do this. It is not for the faint of heart for you quite literally have to finally and completely deal with these issues in order to heal yourself from them.

In the beginning here I mentioned how human beings carry cellular information from each lifetime with them. By learning how to retrieve these soul fragments, you can help your forward movement. You will not be taking that kind of baggage with you into another lifetime and you can live a healthier, fuller life here on earth! It really is worth checking into if you are finally ready to face them.

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