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From ArchAngel Michael: The Age of Aquarius is Here

"In astrology, much has been written and said about the dawning of 'the age of Aquarius' which is supposed to be a time of spiritual enlightenment and expanding peace. In the Bible, Matthew 28:20, Jesus states that he will be with us "even to the end of the age." Are these references to the same point in time, and if so, is that imminent?"

What a wondrous question from a very studious man! I am so happy that someone asked me about this for I have a lot to say. I am going to tell you that we, your Angels, do not get very caught up in this because we consider each new human being as the dawning of some form of enlightenment. Each new birth has such potential to change the world. I am fully aware that this is not your question but I wanted to put that out there for you to think about. There is a reason humans are so drawn to babies. There is a reason that they bring wonder and hope to your world and there is a reason that all heaven rejoices at each and every time a new human is born upon this planet! Such hope!

Now, back to the Age of Aquarius. At this point in time, many of you have been here many many lifetimes. You have reincarnated to experience new lessons and you have learned them. This is not to say that you are ready to finally ascend for good; however, it is to say that there are many old souls on this planet at this time. That is something worth concentrating on. As old souls, you have had the opportunity to decide to advance yourselves even farther each lifetime.

This makes an exponential difference in the vibration of your planet. You would be very surprised at how much higher this vibration has been growing, particularly now, with so much random violence. The hard thing for people to understand is that there has been this much violence since the beginning of man. Yes, there has. The difference is that with the addition of social media and television, you are instantly and continually aware of it. You are also; unfortunately, immersed in it. The other difference is that so many of you are appalled by it. Humanity has finally reached a point where the scales are tipping. You now have more enlightened souls than unenlightened. You now have more souls who value human life and all that entails and that, dear reader, is when the world is truly going to change.

How can you help your world to evolve? I'm glad you are thinking about that. Here are some suggestions.

  • Turn the tv off when it stays immersed in the latest crisis. This not only lifts your vibration but it changes the energy surrounding an event.

  • Pray for catastrophic events, whether from extreme weather or violence, then release it. We (Angels and Father) are there. Those people are never alone. They are being surrounded by Light and Love and your prayers make a difference! Intercessory prayer has great value.

  • Quit following social media feeds that stay negative. You have enough to deal with in your own life. Quit adding hardships to it.

  • Protect your mind as you would a small child's mind. Yes, I mean that. It is not that you are immature or developing but more that you are enlightened and do not need this kind of stimulation.

  • Be kind. When there is a choice, choose kindness.

It is this new awakening that is commonly called The Age of Aquarius. It has been a long time coming. It has taken most of you many lives to get to this point. You are to be commended. It is time for each of you to understand your connection to Father/Creator/Source. It is time for each of you to own your own power and help to change your world, to uplift its vibration, to honor all life - from human to animal to plant and even to Mother Earth. Father created all of this for you. There is no dominion for we are all One. This, my friends, is the true Age of Aquarius. And so it is.

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