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Eagle: I Greet You with Warm Love

Eagles are so majestic! Did you know that eagles can see their prey from up to two miles away? They have been known to take down sloths and even monkeys in some parts of North America! They make the biggest nests in the birding world and normally return to use the same nest over and over again. Eagles mate for life and have very long lives indeed as the oldest on record was 38 years.

When I speak with a wild animal, I always speak with their species representative first then a wild animal here on earth thereafter. As I went into session today, Eagle was immediately here. You cannot get a true sense of how large they are until you see them in person (okay, for me, today, in Spirit!)!

I asked Eagle if they had a message for us here and they responded that they did.

Collective Representative:

Hello people of earth! It is with warm love that I greet you today. We eagles are among some of the luckiest animals on this earth at this time. We are revered in most countries and man has taken care to leave most of us alone.

This is greatly appreciated! We have been able to live and grow as has always been planned. We have adapted to you as you have adapted to us and it has been a wondrous relationship. We have enjoyed watching you expand as you have enjoyed watching us too.

I would like to urge you to work towards this relationship with all animals. We all share this planet and there really is room for all of us to do so. Your species has proven this time and again with many other animal species. Look for ways to make room for those less convenient to you. Look for ways to honor those who were on the land before you. There are many who do not fare as well. Watch out for those for they are our brothers and sisters as well.

As this representative was finished and flew off, a living eagle flew in. They, too, were ready to impart a message.


I live in Wyoming. I soar the skies every day. I have been very fortunate. I have mated and we have shared a long lifetime together. I see man quite frequently and he sees me. We have a very symbiotic relationship. He cares for the land that I hunt and I greatly appreciate it.

I am fortunate because I live in a land teeming with wildlife. I have never gone hungry. I have always had plenty for me, my mate and my brood. I fish in beautiful open streams. I hunt in large open valleys and I soar the mountaintops. It has been a beautiful life for me here.

I have felt man's love for me my whole life. I can see for miles at a time. I see when man stops and looks towards the heavens, watching me and my flight, and it warms my heart. I feel a great affection for your kind. Thank you for seeing me and for watching me but, most of all, thank you for caring for my lands so that I can care for those I love as well.

I honored both Eagles as they were done speaking. To watch them spread their wings and fly off was a truly touching experience. The strength and majesty of each one was amazing. Today, I am proud to be a part of mankind that honors these magnificent birds. I am proud to be human!

This is an ongoing series on my blog. I speak with domesticated animals on a very regular basis. Each time I speak with a wild animal, I am humbled, truly humbled, by their dignity and grace. We are so blessed to share this planet with them. Please help me to help them to spread their messages. Please share this post!

To see more of my wild animal readings, you might be interested in my Wild Animal & Insect Reading Index. It is also my privilege to connect with your pets and animals through my Pet Connection readings.

Until next time.....

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