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From ArchAngel Michael: Finding Your Joy Today

How has your year started for you? Are you happy with its progression? Did you make resolutions that you are keeping?

Whether your year is living up to your expectations or is even exceeding your expectations, know that you can change it today! Many times it is easy to get caught up in natural events, such as the new year holidays. It's easy to make great proclamations concerning your year and how it will go but I tell you that each day you are given is special! If you are already feeling let down from unrealistic expectations, know that you can release those and begin again! You can make your own do-over! How freeing is that?

Today, I want you to be gentle with yourself and do something, one thing, that brings you absolute joy! This may be a phone call to a friend, it could be sitting outside for a bit, it could be hugging someone who needs that hug. Whatever it is for you is enough! You live in a very fast-paced world but you do not have to always be a part of it! You are allowed to take a step back and! Have you ever thought about that?

I wish you peace! All of heaven rejoices in you! Today, find that thing that will bring you joy and do it. Everything else will wait!

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