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From ArchAngel Michael: Finding a Fellowship of Believers

One way to grow spiritually is to find a fellowship of believers. Many immediately think of a church but I want you to know that there are many fellowships and all are recognized by our Creator! Some people commune with God more through yoga than anywhere else. I tell you this is wonderful and perfectly acceptable. Some of you do not feel that you belong in a traditional church and are very uncomfortable with the dogma of traditional religion. I tell you this is fine as well.

The greatest, and I mean greatest, thing about our Father is that you can find Him in so many ways. Traditional religion is one but there are other ways as well. Whatever brings you to Him is well and good. Did you need to hear that? Let me say it one more time. WHATEVER brings you to God is well and good!

There are many churches that are not traditional. In fact, these places may be judged severely for their lack of traditional dogma but I tell you that ALL that brings you to Him is welcome and good.

If you need a fellowship of those who are like-minded, look around you. Ask everyone you meet. Search the internet for local places that are non-traditional or more open-minded. You will find something. If, on the off chance that you cannot, then I would urge you to build your own community.

This is why Lacey began the group, Granbury Area Lightworkers. This group has grown from a FB group to one that even has local events but you do not need to be close to participate in the group! There is a place for you. Just go and join. Maybe that's something you need to think about! You, too, can begin a FB group in your area. You will be surprised how many like-minded people you can find if you set your intention and just get the courage to begin! Lacey's Lightworker group started with an idea one afternoon and now has over 480+ members. You will find your group, just open your hands and heart and try.

What I am trying to say is to think outside the traditional box if you do not fit into a box. Boxes are fine and needed for many but not all. If you are a free thinker and yearn to know your Maker, know that you are welcomed! There will always be a place for you in His world, at Her table, in Source's creation. Boxes are not required to meet the Great I AM. For now, know that you belong. You belong to the One. He created you just for this time.

If you are lonely, find a place you belong. They are out there. Reach out. Do not withdraw into yourself. Ask for Divine help to guide you to where you need to land. We are here for you!

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