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From ArchAngel Michael: Learning to Say No

Hello, my loves! It's always good to spend time with you here. Today I would like to address your busy-ness! Lacey was recently stunned by how her whole world stopped when she was sick. Have you had that happen to you? I would venture that you have.

Here is the message for you today. Look at your schedule. Do you really have to attend every event? Do you need to readjust your holiday schedule to include rest for yourself? At first, Lacey was quite angry that she missed four events that began her holiday season. Later, in reflection, she was stunned that all was well. She realized she needed that time off to care for herself.

Don't let yourself get sick or even run down because you are overscheduled. I would urge you to look at that schedule of yours. If it doesn't bring you joy this season, take it off! Learning to say no is one of the biggest lessons you can learn in self-care. Do it! You'll be glad you did!

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