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From ArchAngel Michael: Honor Your Lineage

Happy Day! I am always glad to be here with you. As we are in Halloween week, I would like to speak with you about the transparency of the veil around this time of year. It is no accident or coincidence that many religions believe the veil is thin this week because it actually is! Now is the time to take advantage of it.

You may be asking how to do that. Ask. Are you seeing this as a recurring theme with me and with all Spirit? You are a sum total of every spirit connected to you. This is a true statement and one that you may need to sit with for a while. We are all connected. While you may be from a dysfunctional family and not care for that statement, it is still true. You are connected to your lineage more than you understand.

You are here today because someone in your family chose to come to this country. You are here today because someone loved enough to create you. You are here today because, while in heaven and planning this lifetime, you CHOSE this lineage. Honor it. Honor your ancestors for you chose them.

You all learn in different ways. Some of you learn by watching, some by doing, others by hearing. Some of you learn by observing opposites while others learn by being surrounded by like-minded people. Whether you are close to your family or estranged, have faith that there is a lesson for you in those relationships.

During this time of year, open yourselves to embracing your heritage, whatever that may be. There are many labels for this time of year and many celebrations. Some would call them pagan but I say to you that those who honor their ancestors, their lineage, are aligned with God in doing so. Honor those who have come before you. Trust your heart in knowing what this means. Open your mind to the Lord in prayer and thank Him for each Spirit and Soul that has walked before you. There will be those who are fortunate and open enough to connect directly with their ancestors. That is well and good but do not miss this opportunity whether you are connecting or not. Your people will hear you. They will flock to you for they love you from this side. They are with you when you know not. They want to love and support you from heaven. Call them, knowing that they will appreciate the opportunity to commune with you.

Lacey has written other blogs about protection that you can find here before attempting this as you do not want to engage with earthbound spirits during this time. Your goal and focus should be on honoring your lineage and those with whom you are united in the hereafter. This is an honorable thing and you will be fully supported in heaven as you move forward in this. Do it this week, while the veil is thin.

Know that you are loved beyond measure. Know that there are so many in heaven supporting you now that you cannot even begin to imagine. Know that the God of all the Universe created you for just this time and know that you are precious to Him. And so it is.

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