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Connecting with Mother Earth

I have a very intimate relationship with our yard. I don't just love every tree, shrub and flower, I speak with them. This has changed my entire relationship with the outside of our home. I have been connecting with Mother Earth for years. I have been drawn to trees for ages and have had very deep feelings towards some of them but it took me a while before it occurred to me that I could have that relationship with everything in my yard.

As I move through our place in gratitude, caring for this land and all that inhabits it, something inside of me has greatly changed and shifted. There is a peace that comes from connecting with nature, a deep peace.

I no longer worry about so much concerning our landscape. I welcome nice surprises like a new plant that a bird has dropped our way. I realize that my tending of my yard is a stewardship toward caring for the land. The land and wildlife around it is responding! I have never had hummingbirds before and it wasn't from lack of trying. Now I do. We have butterflies and my beloved dragonflies. We have cicada killers that are huge and absolutely magnificent. We thought they were hornets at first and were afraid of them until I heard, "Look them up. They are harmless." Turns out they were! I'm so glad Spirit is smarter than I! We have a bunny that visits and a hawk that comes through as well, thankfully not at the same time! We are always surprised at the abundance in this place!

I speak with Mother Earth on a regular basis and learned that all plant life reincarnates, just like we do! What a wondrous thing! When I asked if trees were the greatest incarnation, I was immediately told, "Think of the orchids you love so much. Are not some of these very rare? ALL life is worthy! Trees are not the highest incarnation."

Would you like to try connecting with a tree in your yard or nearby? I am suggesting attempting first with a tree because they have the strongest energy and are easiest to start with; however, do know that you can truly connect with any plant, from shrubs to flowers. All living things have energy.

  • Place both hands on the tree.

  • Tell the tree that you would love to connect with it. Tell it how you feel about it when you look at it. (This could run the gamut from thanking the tree for having sheltered you and your family for all these years to telling it how much you enjoy seeing it and the sunlight filtering through its leaves.)

  • Now, wait. Be prepared to stand there for a while.

  • Notice how you feel as you are touching this tree. Do you feel infused with joy or peace? Is there anything different?

This may take you several times but I believe you will begin noticing a difference right away. You may not hear Tree as I do but you may still experience feelings of joy and peace. Whether you hear Tree or not, know that Tree hears you. Be still in its presence and feel. I believe you will notice a great difference. One of the most humbling experiences of my life was connecting to two magnificent trees in a national park who told me, "We see you as you see us." Mind.blown. I have since heard that from Spirit many times. When they "see" me, it is much more than just looking at me. They are seeing me for who I am, to the depths of my Soul, as I see them as well. Your life will totally change when you can connect on this level and beginning with Tree is a great start!

If you would like to learn to connect with Spirit, contact me. I have personal mentoring programs and classes that can help!

Until next time.....

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