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From ArchAngel Michael: Praying for Those Who Hurt Others

Greetings to all of Lacey's followers! I am so happy to spend time with you! Today I would like to speak with you about recent violent events in our world. You are all hurting. So many of you take on the energy of others and, when mass tragedies happen, it is very hard for you to shake that lower energy. We understand.

These tragedies are awful. There are no words to truly encapsulate the horror that humans can do to each other. At times like these, look to the Lord. It is the best thing for your soul. Pray for those affected and pray for those who hurt others. Yes. You read that right. Pray for the ones who are hurting so badly that they lash out and kill or maim others. Humans have a tendency to lash out when they are in pain. This is why abuse is so rampant, from physical to emotional. Abuse is an ongoing cycle. We like to pretend it isn't happening but our world is rampant with it. The only way to stop it is to pray for those who are hurting others. I feel I will receive a pushback on my words here yet I tell you that, until you can raise your own vibration, you cannot help a world that desperately needs you!

I am not making light of tragedies. Believe me when I tell you that all of Heaven cries with you. I promise you that, if you will meet hatred and anger with love, it will change YOU. It will change your heart. When your heart changes, you lift the world around you. With every interaction you have, you will lift the energy of all those who come in contact with you. THIS is how you can change your world. Be the example.

I would urge you to turn off media when you encounter negativity that begins to pull you down. Social media has enabled so many of you like-minded souls to connect but it can also tear you apart when you are surrounded by negativity, anger and pain. What has been happening recently in our world is heart-breaking but I am asking you to turn to God in prayer and surround yourself in White Light that you may be ministered to by us, the Angels and your Guides. We can help you to get through these sad times. All you have to do is ask!

I am here for all of you. You may call upon me at any time. Whether you hear me or not, know that I hear you. You are each one special to me and to Father/Creator/Source.

I look forward to speaking with you again.

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