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What To Expect From a Reading With Me

Are you afraid of receiving a reading? That may sound like a funny question but I run into this quite a bit. Many are fearful or anxious about what is about to happen when I begin a reading. Let me set your mind at ease, right here, today.

You will not hear anything scary! Your team of Angels and Guides do not want to alarm you or set you back in any way, ever. They are here to lovingly support your growth while you are walking this planet. They love you as God loves you. Can you even imagine being surrounded every day by a group of beings whose entire purpose is to help you through this life? You might be interested in reading my blog, Why We Need Our Angels and Spirit Guides! Otherwise, relax! Let me do my job!

Before I go into a reading for you, any type of reading, I ask to connect with my Mediumship Angel. He guides me through all of my readings and I am very grateful for his presence. I then pray for you. I ask that I become a conduit for the Lord, that I hear only what is for your highest good and that I am an instrument for Him to use to get your message across to you with clarity. I then begin your reading. If I am connecting with your pet(s), they are normally right there waiting for me. If I am connecting with your Angels or Guides, sometimes they are there and sometimes I have to call them.

Once I have connected with your representative, the message begins. After I have received all that I can, I then thank whoever has come forward and honor their Spirit for coming. It is my great privilege to do this for you.

The industry standard in a reading is 85%. That means that the best of the best are usually 85% correct in their readings. I appreciate my Angel's presence because he will tell me when I am "off" or misunderstanding a message. I do my best. I still make mistakes. Speaking with Spirit is a different language. Just remember, though, the pressure is on me! You just need to relax!

Ready for a reading and some guidance? Click here! I can't wait to work with you! Until next time......

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