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Buffalo: We have hope!

I loved my conversations with these two buffalo! Did you know that these beings can race up to 40 mph and leap vertically 6', all while weighing up to a ton? They can be up to 6-1/2' tall and 12-1/2' long. Yellowstone National Park is the only place in the United States that has had bison living there since prehistoric time!

I am quite partial to Buffalo. I once lived as an indigenous native woman thousands of years ago in what is now Taos, New Mexico. I was my people’s Medicine Woman and my name was Running Waters. Buffalo meant life to my people. Without them, we would not have survived. I have carried this love for Buffalo my entire lifetime this time around as well. I am so honored and happy to have received their message here.

When speaking with another species, I always ask to speak with a representative from the collective as well as an individual. I do this because, many times, they each have very different messages. I have no idea of the gender of either of these bison as I did not ask. When speaking with animals, gender is not important. I always address wild animals as their species, in this case, Buffalo. The collective representative was so regal!


We are an ancient animal. We have been here as long as man. We were happy, in times long ago, when man hunted us because they honored us. We provided meat and skin for their survival. We no longer roam freely or in great numbers. We are thankful for those who have worked on our behalf, enabling us to breed and wander again. Our days of glory have been numbered but, through these efforts, we have hope.

Many, like you, see us for who we are. You see our power. You see our majesty. This is appreciated and acknowledged.

Buffalo then made it clear the message was over. I thanked it and honored their Spirit. Buffalo then went down on one knee and honored mine.

I then asked to speak to a specific buffalo's spirit. I am a member of a drumming group. We get together occasionally for the new moon and special seasons. Many have drums or musical instruments of their own but one drum, in particular, leads us. This is a massive drum, about 4' across. It is made from the hide of a buffalo and one side of it still contains part of its fur. Every time we get together, we muse about the life of that buffalo. We thank God for its Spirit. During our drumming sessions, we often drum in thankfulness for all animals. As I asked to speak to this particular buffalo, I wondered if it would come did!


I asked if this buffalo was, indeed, the buffalo whose hide was on our drum and was told it was. I asked if it had known part of its hide was on our drum before this reading. "I know and I feel it." I then asked how it had died. "I was put down for meat." Were you upset about that? "I wasn't happy about it but I understood. I am unaware of how the rest of my hide was used but I am aware of the part that was used as a drum." How were you aware of that? "You honor me. When you beat on my hide, with intention, I hear. We all hear." May I ask who you are referring to when you say "we all hear"? "All of Spirit." Does it please you when we beat for the animals? "Yes! It is my great honor to live on through your drumming ceremonies. I am pleased to be the lead drum for every chant and session. I am very happy when you speak of me and honor me as you pat my skin and wonder who I might have been. I feel close to each of you when you do that." You know that we deeply love you? "Yes, I feel that."

I then thanked Buffalo and honored its Spirit. At that time, this buffalo went down on both its front knees. I was in tears at this point and so moved. "I'll be back." I asked it what it meant by that. "I'll be there when you drum." I couldn't have asked for more.

This is an ongoing series on my blog. I speak with domesticated animals on a very regular basis. Each time I speak with a wild animal, I am humbled, truly humbled, by their dignity and grace. We are so blessed to share this planet with them. Please help me to help them to spread their messages. Please share this post!

Should you be interested, I have spoken with many wild animals and insects. A comprehensive index with links to individual blog posts is here.

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