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Clearing Lower Energy by Smudging

White sage has been used to cleanse bodies and spaces for centuries. It will cleanse any area of negative energy. Note here that I am speaking of negative energy, not entities. All of us need to be in the habit of clearing negative energy.

You need to smudge (or sage) yourself if you:

  • have encountered negative energy

  • visited (or work in) a place with lower energy, sickness, or stress

  • have recently had a bad argument

  • have not smudged in a while

Your home or workspace needs smudging if you:

  • recently had an argument or were carrying lower feelings for a while

  • there has been a sickness or a death

  • have not smudged in a while

  • feel someone (a repairman or “friend”) was in your home that carried a lot of negative energy with them

You can find sage stick bundles on the internet or in health, metaphysical and rock/gem stores. There are many ways to sage. You can use a stick or you can use pieces of sage in an abalone shell. It is completely up to you.

To smudge yourself, light your stick or pieces and begin to move around your head then down your body, circling your arms and legs, ending with the bottoms of your feet. Take your time doing this. If you are smudging another person, start above their head, going down their body, ending at the soles of their feet. This is a ritual. Silence is fine. If you feel you must say something, it is up to you. I do not.

Saging or smudging your home is different. Do you know how you feel when you air out your house by lifting all the windows and letting fresh air in? This is the effect you are wanting. You are clearing the old stagnant energy to bring in the new! I start in a corner of a room. I use my hand or a feather to waft the smoke up high into the corners of the room. I stay in corners for a moment in order to be sure the smoke has time to get into it. Corners hold energy so pay attention to them. I then move around the room in a clockwise manner, taking my time before all windows, and especially at doors. If there is a closet, I open the closet and smudge inside. I take my time in the corners and under shelves, where energy gathers. Spend special time on mirrors as they collect and store all the energy you give to them (think of how negative we speak to ourselves when looking into our mirrors). The first time you do this in your home, it will take a while. Once you do it on a regular basis, perhaps monthly, it will go much faster as energy would not have accumulated for so long.

It is particularly important for ladies to smudge their purses after you've been carrying them a while. Our purses go everywhere with us and pick up all kinds of energy. The same goes for our phones. Think of the conversations you have had or the frustration you have experienced while on your phones. Cleanse them!

As a practicing medium, I have to sage any time I have spoken with a deceased person and between any readings that I do in person. If I have contact with a disconnected soul or ghost, I smudge.

You can also use smudge incense. The intent is what is important here. You would still need to get the smoke into the corners of your room and use the smoke in the same way as the smudge stick smoke.

I strongly advise you to smudge and cleanse your home anytime you are moving into a different home (whether it’s new or not). This is also called a house blessing by many.

I frequently use this method when doing a house blessing for clients. If you are interested in this service, please contact me here. Your house can be blessed at any time. You don't have to wait until you move to a new home! For more ways to cleanse your home that do not include smoke or smell, check out my blog about using sound and intention! This might just be the answer for you!

Until next time......

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