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Animal, Insect & Arachnid Reading Index

I have been humbled and blessed to connect with many animals, insects and arachnids. While I speak with people's pets on a regular basis, it's always a pleasure to speak with undomesticated creatures as well. Each animal, insect or arachnid has a soul and each one has a message. When I first connect, I speak with a representative of the species (all species have a representative) then I speak with an individual of that species. I never know where that individual might be located as I feel divinely guided to speak with whoever comes to me. All of this is done long-distance. Spirit knows no boundaries and I am thankful they come to me when called.

Please share these blog posts and help these magnificent animals get their message out to the world!

Tigers are magnificent creatures! They are so large and intimidating yet they are gentle when speaking. I had a memorable encounter with them here. It is hard to speak with an animal that is captive in a zoo but this tiger had a surprising attitude about it, while still holding on to its own individuality.

Eagles are some of the most majestic creatures I have had the pleasure to see! I really enjoyed speaking with both these eagles and was so thrilled that they were happy with mankind as well. I hope we can all hear the first Eagle's message urging us to care for the forgotten and inconvenient. Please be sure to read this!

Lion was a real surprise for me! I loved speaking with each of these two and think you will be touched by their messages. I was especially taken aback by how large Lion was when he was standing in front of me.

Octopus have always fascinated me! This reading may well be my very hardest. The collective representative was so delightful. We spoke for a long time. The individual....well, I'll let you read for yourself.

Bees truly make our world what it is today. I pray that mankind can wake up and understand that, without them, we don't have a chance. It was my pleasure to speak with both of these bees.

Cardinal turned out to be my most requested contact. So many people are drawn to their deceased loved ones through Cardinal! This reading was confirmation of their mission. They are such happy birds and such wonderful friends to man!

Buffalo was amazing to speak with! The collective representative was so articulate. The individual that I had the privilege to speak with was a very personal encounter for me. I hope you enjoy this reading as much as I did!

Elephant was a tough reading. Each of these two had hard messages for us, as humans. Elephant is my Birth Spirit Animal and my heart ached as I spoke with each of them. While it is hard to hear their anger, it is justified. When will we wake up to realize we hold no dominion over any creature? There is room for all of us.

Bongo was my very first wild animal contact and will always be very special to me. The individual bongo actually connected with me first, before I had even thought of connecting to wild animals. His spirit was magnificent!

Wolf was so happy I called him to connect. His story is a true success story of how man can reintroduce animals into an area where they have been hunted to extinction in that area. It is such a miracle to me that they have been repopulated into Yellowstone National Park. We talk about it in this message.

Whales are some of the most wondrous creatures! I spoke with two who seemed like ancient beings. They each referred to me writing blog posts and were very aware of world happenings. We need to band together to help to save this precious species!

Hawk was so refreshing to speak with! It was great to hear how they enjoy human interactions! It was nice to speak with an animal that has adapted so very well to humanity's encroachment in their natural environment.

Sloth was a delightful animal to connect with! So happy and, well, calm. I really appreciated how confident they were of their place in this world.

Vulture holds a special place in my life! They make our world a much better place for their presence! They are truly an amazing bird. The more I learn about them, the better I like them!

Rhinos have my heart! They look like a creature from the dinosaur age but they move with beautiful speed and agility! I just find them simply majestic! I loved speaking with both these rhinos but was really surprised when the baby sprinted into my office!

Gorilla was so incredible to speak with! Each of them were so articulate and gentle. Their plight is so serious and, yet, they still give man a chance when we are their greatest enemy. I have much to learn from this incredible species.

Dragonfly was such a pleasure! I don't know anyone who doesn't think it's a blessing when they see them. Dragonfly's message is appropriate today. It is so easy to only focus on the big things. Dragonfly had something to say about that!

Squirrel was such fun to visit with! They are as cheerful as they seem. I loved how they love us too!


Giraffe was a true pleasure for me! I didn't expect the young one to share the message that they did but it was awesome when they showed us how we can use their attributes to be better people!

Tortoise was a real eye-opener. To learn of their collective consciousness was amazing! I had known about Elephant's collective consciousness as it has actually been proven. I was not aware this extended to other species!

Prairie Dog surprised me! Such wisdom in such a small package! As a West Texas girl, I have always loved prairie dogs! What fun to speak with them. You will enjoy this one!

Turkey was a hard read. I loved the bird itself but the collective representative really had a hard message for us humans. One well worth reading and pondering. Please read his message and think about how it pertains to your health too.

Spider was a true joy! Each one was so cognizant of mankind's reactions to them. So few spiders are dangerous to man. I hope we can all learn to be friends with these wonderful creatures!

Coyote was a real pleasure to speak with! Once I looked at their lives, I realized they were very similar to ours in their love for family. I hope this realization will give you pause as well.

Snake was a tough reading to call because I have always had a fear of snakes. I'm so glad I did this reading! Both snakes really helped me to find a perspective on my fear. Much wisdom in this one!

Dog was such fun to speak with! So many people (myself included) consider their dogs to be part of their families. What a blessing to speak with this beloved companion!

Horse was such a treat for me! Not only did I speak to a representative of their collective but two other living horses came to me. Both these breeds have been fascinating for me for many years so this was a true joy!

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