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Connecting With a Deceased Loved One

Would you like to learn how to communicate with your loved one who has crossed over? Many people feel the presence of those who have passed but it's quite another thing to be able to have a two-way conversation. Before we go any further, please see my post about protecting yourself. If you don't think you need protection, please read this post!

All right, you understand the value of protection. Let's talk about the fun stuff - connecting! If you are reading this, you already believe that your loved one is still alive. Know that our loved ones are busy in heaven, learning and doing new things.

If your loved one has been gone less than eight months to a year, I wouldn't suggest trying this yet as many are still in their Life Review and normally not available to us until they are finished. This review is where we look back at our lives on earth and learn lessons from that time that may have gone unnoticed while we were living.

If your loved one has been gone over a year, we need to make a date with them. This is very important when beginning communication. Pick a time that will be convenient to you but one in which you can repeat for as long as necessary. This task may take you several days or even months but consistency is key.

I will use myself as an example. When I was trying to communicate with our daughter, Tricia, I would say every day, "Tricia, I am going to try to connect with you at 4:00 every single day until I hear from you." Sometimes I'd say it in my mind and other times I'd shout it out loud in the empty house! Then, religiously, I tried to connect at 4:00 every single day. I literally sat quietly, emptied my mind of all that I could, and started talking to her for about 15 minutes. I did this for days. I never heard anything from her during our scheduled time but I kept at it because I trusted that I was setting intention and that my consistency would be rewarded!

One night, she woke me up and we began our communication! Why didn't she come through during my proposed meeting time? I had not gotten my vibration up high enough to hear her! Spirit's vibration is so pure and high that we need to try to lift ours in order to communicate with them. I still consider my unanswered attempts a great success because it opened the door to our communication! Even though I couldn't hear her at the time, I got HER attention and she found a way to communicate with me! Since I was sleeping and relaxed, she was finally able to get through. I did not dream our first encounter, she woke me up.

As a Medium, I can tell you that we can never promise you who will come through in a reading because some Spirit, for many reasons, are not available at that appointed time. When connecting yourself, it's the same way. Your loved one may not hear you the first several times that you try making your appointment but they eventually will. They will want to be able to connect back with you and they will find a way, just as Tricia did!

If you are uncomfortable talking to Spirit, or just cannot get your mind to clear, try Automatic Writing. I wrote a blog about it and it works with Spirit the same as it works with your Angels and Guides.

Once you start this process, start looking for signs from your loved one. They will come! Maybe your lights will flicker for no reason, you might start finding pennies or feathers everywhere, a song may come on the radio that either your loved one liked or reminds you of a memory of them, you may start noticing cardinals or butterflies (even just pictures of them). Spirit comes to us in so many ways but they try to find ways that they feel you will notice. If you are looking for butterflies because your loved one always related to them, don't miss that truck with the butterflies on the side! Spirit is very creative. You need to open your mind to see and hear your loved one.

Most Spirit love to manipulate electricity because it is an energy, as they are, and it's easy for them to do. Tricia loved burning out our light bulbs! When we put our house on the market, we asked her to please come to us in other ways but stop burning out the bulbs! That delighted her so much! No more burnt out light bulbs but now she comes in different ways.

Here are the steps to connect with your loved one:

  • Find a time that you can consistently try to communicate.

  • Announce to your loved one that you are going to make a date with them and keep it.

  • Before beginning each session, ground and protect, always.

  • Begin speaking to your loved one just like they are there. If you are uncomfortable with speaking, you can also start automatic writing.

  • Look for signs from your loved one.

  • Be open to them connecting with you.

That's really it in a nutshell. It takes some people longer than others. If you try it for a few weeks and it's not working, you need to think about that long and hard. Are you kind of afraid? Are you doubting it will ever happen? These are perfectly normal responses. Something is blocking you and it is on your side, not Spirit's side. Anything fear/anxiety/doubt-related is a lower energy and it will block you. You need to have your energy on as high a level as possible. This may mean that you need to meditate before beginning your session with your loved one. If you need help meditating, please see this post.

Your loved one would be thrilled to connect with you, believe me! The steps above will get you started. The Universe responds to intention. Once you determine that you ARE going to connect, you will! You must believe in yourself!

Please feel free to ask any questions! That's what I'm here for! If this post resonates with you, please share it!

Curious about all this but need more help and direction? You might be interested in my classes.

Until next time...

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