Nobody makes it through this lifetime without help.  The individuals below are professionals with whom I've worked.  They have each shown great integrity.  My journey would not have been the same without these friends.  I would not hesitate to recommend any of them. 

Deah Curry

Deah has the best ebook and was instrumental in advising me on how to create my own website.  She is a genius and I cannot recommend her enough professionally.  You can see the many sites she has set up on with her portfolio there.  Her companion site for marketing advice (seriously, she knows her stuff) is


Deah is a shamanic practitioner on the good red road who provides many other services,  I'll let her speak for herself.  "By day I help solopreneurs develop a compelling, effective, affordable, professional online identity. And by starlight I read astrology charts, take journeys to past lives, and use shamanic spiritual practices to help others live an empowered life."

Deah Curry, spiritual business advisor, Wix pro website designer, astrologer, intuitive reader, shamanic teacher

Donette  Morris

Donette goal is to offer guidance and coaching for those desiring a natural approach to health and wellness.  She offers a 30-Day plan that really gets you into your zone!  She can help with goal setting and many other issues that will help you to lead the dynamic life of your dreams! 


Donette is a Birthing Doula!  She empowers mothers throughout their pregnancy and during the birth process itself.  Donette also offers wonderful nutrition counseling during this time as well.

Donette Morris, health ad wellness coaching, birthing doula

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