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There is nothing like refreshing your office energy!  It's actually quite easy.

Clear the clutter.  This is the number one thing you can do to move energy!  If you have a cluttered office or work space, you can bet your professional life is clogged somewhere as well....

How are you doing financially?  Feng Shui actually addresses money matters right in your home!  The top left third of your home is your Wealth & Prosperity Bagua (area).  (Feng Shui uses a 9 bagua system for your home, splitting it into 9 even squares throughout.)  If...

ArchAngel Raphael taught me a thing or two this season and I thought you might appreciate his lesson.  Holidays are very bittersweet for us.  Since we lost our daughter, decorating has been tough because she used to help me and she loved it SO much!  I love it once it'...

I once had a mentor tell me that I had the widest aura she had ever seen!  I thought that a great compliment.  It wasn't!  You see, I had never heard of clearing my energy!  Apparently, I looked like a planet with all sorts of interstellar energy circling around me.  N...

Sometimes we need alternatives as we smudge and clear energy in our homes and on our person.  I do house blessings for some of my clientele and many do not want to smell white sage in their homes but they really want old energy cleared from the space.

Clearing energy is...

White sage has been used to cleanse bodies and spaces for centuries.  It  will cleanse any area of negative energy.  Note here that I am speaking of negative energy, not entities.  All of us need to be in the habit of clearing negative energy.

You need to...

Earlier this week, I wrote about 10 Signs You Are an Empath.  If you are, this post is written for you.

Are you tired of being overwhelmed in situations?  Why does this continually happen to you?  Think of your empathic abilities as having a stereo dial (just like a vol...

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April 1, 2019

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