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One of our readers recently asked, "When a loved one continues to spiral into negativity, how can they rise above what life has dealt them (in their point of view) and find their way to a better life/higher vibration?"  I thought this a really good question because man...

There is a whole lot of talk these days about your “shadow” side.  Many people think this represents their worst qualities, the places that they err.  This is many times represented as the time when ego takes over.  While I do know that this happens, I am not really fo...

I would like to speak with you today concerning your energy.  Do you ground and protect on a daily basis?  I do not ask this lightly for it is a ritual that all should be doing on a daily basis.  Yes, daily.  Why?  Because you are living a life where you are exposed to...

Hello, friends!  I am so glad to visit with you today.  When I come to you, I come with a message that I feel many of you are needing.  Such is the contact today.

How many of you take care of Body?  You will note that Body is capitalized here because, ind...

Surrender!  It's not a pretty word for most people but it is a glorious word to us on the Other Side!  When was the last time you surrendered to God/Creator/Most High?  When was the last time you literally decided to quit worrying about something and give it to the One...

Human beings are very complex creatures.  When you incarnate each time, you bring with you a great deal of cellular embedded information.  In other words, you carry a lot of baggage with you.  

Each time you are on earth, you also create new "baggage".  W...

Do you struggle with time management?  I feel most people do.  It is very hard to schedule for your needs, your family's needs, your time for spiritual growth, time for fitness....  I could go on and on but you get my point.  Time is actually the greatest gift Father g...

Karma!  This is a pretty feared word for most folks!  Are you afraid of karma?  Many joke about karma.  I do not.  I want you to lose your fear of karma but I want you to keep a healthy respect for it too.

You may wonder about how karma is set?  Actu...

Have you ever wondered why God seemed silent sometimes?  Have you ever wondered where all His Angels were when you needed help?  This is a legitimate question and you will not be the first or the last to wonder about it, I assure you!

Your life here is no accident...

I was recently asked the most charming question from one of our readers.  "Can you ask any ArchAngel for anything or do you have to be specific to that Angel's specific job?  There are many Angels, and I don't know what all of their areas of expertise are.  If I need h...

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