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Hello, friends.  Today I would like to speak with you about hierarchy and ego.  This may be a surprise for some of you for I am not going to talk about your hierarchy or your ego but I would like to let you know that Angels do not have either.

Many of you are worri...

For those of you who know about ArchAngels, you understand that we are Angels who are not assigned to anyone individually.  We are assigned to help the world at large.  I am mostly known as the ArchAngel of Protection.  You will see me many times pictured with a sword...

I would like to speak to you of spirituality.  Many of you struggle with being spiritual while following your own religious tenants.  This is a very real dilemma.  I want you to know that spirituality is very different than religion.  Religion actually has nothing to d...

Are you afraid of receiving a reading?  That may sound like a funny question but I run into this quite a bit.  Many are fearful or anxious about what is about to happen when I begin a reading.  Let me set your mind at ease, right here, today.

You will not hear...

As I frequently speak with clients' spiritual support teams, I have many times met Angels who appear with no gender.  The same thing happens when I speak with many animal Spirit Guides or Collective Representatives, they present with no gender.  I have had many clients...

If I had my way, everyone on earth would have a personal relationship with their Angels!  If you have followed me for long, you know that I have an intimate relationship with my Guardian Angel and my Mediumship Angel.

My Guardian Angel keeps me going in so many ways.  I...

1.  Angels have never walked this Earth.  They were created especially by God and are not human.

2.  While human beings put Angels into hierarchies, they do not.  ArchAngels are not above other Angels.  ArchAngels serve humankind as a whole.  Other Angels interact...

Do you feel you want to connect with Spirit but are terrified to do so?  I've been there and I understand.  It's a big deal to open up to Spirit.  If it were easy, everyone would do it!

Many times we start by seeing things out of the corner of our eye or in ou...

Need help figuring out if you are opening to Spirit?  Take a look at this list!

  1. You see something out of the corner of your eye, in your peripheral vision. If this is happening to you over and over again, you are seeing Spirit!

  2. You hear strange noises that can...

Are you concerned that you shouldn't be learning how to become spiritual?  I have been having the nicest conversation with a young lady who is terrified of opening up to Spirit because she is being advised not to, even to the point that she asked if it was evil.  I und...

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