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As a professional Medium, I am happy to speak with you today about top ghost myths (in no particular order).  I really hope this information is helpful to you!

1) Ghosts and dead people are the same thing.  Nope!  As a matter of fact, I go through the differences i...

So many people are fascinated with ghosts!  I get it.  It's such an unknown and, as human beings, we are always drawn to the curiosity of the unknown.


  • have not passed onward to heaven

  • have not had their Soul Review so they have not learned their soul...

A student would like to eventually help ghosts to cross over.  I feel I cannot stress enough about how prepared you need to be before beginning this.  I also feel the need to tell you that you really need to be connecting to your own spiritual support team - your perso...

Most souls ascend as soon as they die but there are those who do not.  I used to be really afraid of ghosts - really afraid.  That's before I opened up spiritually and finally learned what a ghost is and why I could let my fear go.

A disconnected soul is what I call a g...

Have you ever wondered about that?  What exactly IS a ghost?  I used to be terrified of ghosts.  I had begun seeing Spirit as a young child and it scared me to no end.  It never occurred to me at the time to ask why they were showing up, it just scared me that I saw th...

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